“Our Stories Illuminated” is a special effects video presentation planned for Columbus Marathon weekend in late September 2021. The Columbus Area Bicentennial steering committee has commissioned Blockhouse Studios for this show to be displayed on the Ulrich Block Building downtown.

The Bartholomew County Historical Society has been busy providing Blockhouse with historic photos for the presentation.

A recent article in The Republic describes the project:

Tobi Herron, co-chair of the bicentennial steering committee, described projection mapping as “incredible technology that blends real life objects and immersive video.”

“We’re taking an actual building and turning it into a three dimensional, action oriented movie screen,” she said. “Even though the building itself doesn’t physically change, you’re tricked into thinking it’s been transformed through the use of technology.”


Blockhouse has worked closely with the bicentennial team and community to put together a show with local images, Indiana-based music and “local voices,” Herron said.

Blockhouse did some mapping of the Ulrich Block building four years ago. You can see that in the video below. The images are from more recent work to map the structure for the Bicentennial celebration.